This is the 3rd federated social networking software I'm testing out. So I'm #newhere at Friendica. I'm hopeful it'll be a good fit for our needs.
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Welcome Benjamin, I'm from the Friendica Core Dev Team, please reach out to me if you have specific questions, issues or needs!
I do have a question...
I'm following a couple of tags (Linux & Politics), and I can see public posts with those tags. I've set the server up with a relay. However, I only see posts from other Friendica instances. Nothing from Diaspora, for instance. I've very recently switched the relay from the default to, so I guess I'll see if that helps. But I think I must be missing something.

I have a diaspora instance up as well, and I can see posts from Friendica there.
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
I'm sorry, I think I missed the question in your post. Which relay were you using before switching to
@Hypolite Petovan
You didn't miss anything, I did. the question is 'Why am I not seeing public posts with tags I'm following from non-friendica nodes?'

Before switching the relay I was using the default, which was ''
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Thanks for the elaboration. I'm not that familiar with the relay feature, I'm guessing @Michael Vogel will be better able to answer you.
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If it's a single user node, then it can take a while to populate. I think mine took maybe a week or two to finally start to get stuff in my global directory.

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